Here, current info and photos on the mast and set

Here stood the mast at dismantling

Check out the below videos at dismantling

The mast on the way down

Once down

On the truck

Unloading at the barn

Now the work starts at the barn

The proud digger


Then the work starts with the foundation.

The hole was 1200x1200x2100

Wood structure in place

Fully threaded 24mm rods

Even got a nice visit by Mats SM7BUA


Here comes the hose up inside the barn

Then it was cast and clear 5 cubic

Burn and watered for two weeks

Then it was time to dig into the tower 30 cm deep for the ground

Good thing i had this

Thanks for the loan Christer SM7SKI

13 meters 12 mm copper wire around the base

Connection to the mast legs

Here we see the connection with the ground rods 1.5 meter into the ground 3 pcs.

Painted and ready

 Here follows the job of recunstruction the mats


Then begins the job of getting the top two sections fit together

These sections are equally rough for better stabilisitet of rotor support bearings

It got resolved with 6 hardened plates connecting section two and three.

This is the result


This storage one meter above the rotor saves a lot of sideways


The first section of the way with the tractorloader

Here is the first section in place 


This bolted section two and three together with one

with 9 elements two feet on top

SM7SKI Christer climbs


Christer on his way to the top while

crane truck fetches shortwavebeamen


The beam also soon  in place.

This is the result

Some video click on the links

First lift

On the way up

Soon in place

Sektion two and three in place

10-15-20 beamen on his way up

The beam in place

Now, half of the cables routed.

Even inside

Then also Beamen and Yagin for 2 yards contacted and connected.

Although Windom 160 dipole under SM7SKI Christer’s feet in place 

Cables neat and tidy stripping  along the mast.

A moderate bend so the rainwater can not enter

Even hose protectors neat  stripping 

The thinner hose is for 40 meters vertical down in the woods.

 Video of the barn