Here is a demonstration of the antennas at the barn.

At the top of the mast one nine element yagi for 144 MHz horizontally.

Under there a 3 element 10-15-20 beam

And a Carolina Windom 160

17 meters up the mast.

Even a dubbeldipol for 40 and 80 meters 15 meters up he mast.

At the barn sits the following antennas.

On top of the tube a Diamond X510 for Vhf Uhf

Also has a vertical for 10,15,20 meters for the FunCube SDR receiver.

In a small forest about 50 meters from the tower a vertical for 40 meters four meters above ground..

With four radials  at the same hight  tuned for 7,1 MhZ.

Seems to work very well

Very wide, SWR 1,1:1 from 7.0,5 mhz to 7,200 mhz

You can se the guidingropes at the top

And the radials above the Ugly Balun

New antenna on its way up the mast Hexbeam SP7IDX replaces the 10-15-20 beam which probably has a broken coil

Here it is on the ground after trimming all the bands Highest swr 1,17:1