Here is a demonstration of the antennas at the barn.

At the top of the mast one nine element yagi for 144 MHz horizontally.

Under there a 3 element 10-15-20 beam

And a Carolina Windom 160

17 meters up the mast.

Even a dubbeldipol for 40 and 80 meters 15 meters up he mast.

At the barn sits the following antennas.

On top of the tube a Diamond X510 for Vhf Uhf

Also has a vertical for 10,15,20 meters for the FunCube SDR receiver.

Then it was vertical for 40 meters in place.

With radials about 4 meters above ground tuned for 7,1 MhZ.

Seems to work very well

Very wide, SWR 1.1 from 7.0,5 mhz to 7,200 mhz