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Hello and welcome to my Radio Page a hobby that i’ve been interested in finaly become a reality. In the mid seventies the radio  started with 27Mhz. The equipment was a President Mc Kinley 26-30 MhZ.

Amplifier 200watt, antenna Superscanner. With this i had many qso with Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada. When the neighbors started complaining that i was interfering with their Television  i had to turn off the amplifier.   Passed the certificate  091121. callsign SA7BII

Pictures at the visit of SM7BUA Mats SM6FKT Bosse SM7KSZ Sune autumn 2021

We started at remoteqth out in the country which I call the barn

From left SA7BII SM7KSZ SM7BUA Mats


The tower at the barn

Vertikal for 40 meters

Antennas in the tower

Then out to a forest outside Eslöv where I have some antennas up in the trees.

Dipol 80m 15 meters up

Loop 80-10 meters 20meters up.

EFHWA 39,8 meters long about 25 meters up.

SM7BUA Mats with IC 705 and dipole antenna

Bosse wonders how I got the antenna up so high

Video with Mats and Bosse talking to SM7HZK Bo 1 Watt